Handmade Soap Gift Box (For Face & Body) (3 PCS)

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Soap gift box


  • use:Facial soap and bath
  • featured:clean series, colorful series, fruit vinegar series, moisturizing skin series, natural plant extract series
  • Recommended Quantity:20 boxes packed into a large box

Key Features

            Made in Taiwan Handmade Soap (CP SOAP)



       .   Colorufl Series

       .   Fruit Vinegar Series

       .   Soap-nut tree Series

  • Moisturizing Emollient Series
  • Beauty Mud Series 
  • Herbal Series 


This is a packaging combination including 3 soap, each from moisturizing emollient series, beauty mud series, herbal series, Fruit Vinegar Series,colorful series,etc.Including face washing,bathing,hair.

As long as it is the soap we produce,it can be combined into a gift box.



  • Length: 7.8 *height 5.8* width 2.5
  • Weight:110±10g





  • Advanced vegetable oil, natural plant extracts and natural essential oils.
  • The best preserved plant ingredients and moisturizing glycerin are used, so you don't feel dry after use.



【Skin Type】


  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Effectively clean the face, body grease and dirt.









1. Keep handmade soap in a cool place. Do not place in sunlight.

2. Using together with soap bags or bath balls can better help create foam. Drain and keep them dry after use.

3. Due to the natural ingredients, it is normal for the color of handmade soap to fade away.

4. Avoid eye areas when using the soap. If unfortunately the foam gets into your eyes, rinse with water immediately.

5. No preservatives are added. Please use up the soap as soon as possible. If it is placed for more than one year without oil spots or rancidity, you can still use it safely.


6.If there are large-volume purchase requirements.Please contact us:



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Payment Details

  • Payment Terms:TT ,PayPal ,Alipay
  • Minimum Order:1 Boxes
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